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Click on the links to be directed to the forms which need to be submitted.  Print them, complete, and return to the WOEA Office
1100 Wayne St., Suite 2522, Troy, Ohio 45373.
Applications are due March 1 of each year.

Public Relations Grant Guidelines

Since 1989, the Western Ohio Education Association has funded Public Relations Grants for local associations. Each local association may apply for a maximum of $500 to be used for a Public Relations project. Each of the three OEA Electoral Units will have an equal share of local associations receiving funds. Individual grants will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis.

1. Complete application and send to:  

Western Ohio Education Association
Attn: Public Relations Grants
1100 Wayne St., Suite 2522
Troy OH 45373

 2. Include a copy of the PROPOSED or COMPLETED program and/or announcement.

3. A financial statement showing fund expenditure will be returned to WOEA Public Relations Committee within two months of project completion, along with copies of printed materials and copies of any publicity generated by this project.

4. The WOEA Public Relations Committee meets four times during the school year and will review project applications at the regular meetings.


1. Project should promote EDUCATION through the teacher, the local association and WOEA.

2. WOEA or WESTERN OHIO EDUCATION ASSOCIATION will be prominently displayed in any printed material.

3. WESTERN OHIO EDUCATION ASSOCIATION will be credited with assistance in promoting and/or presenting the project(s).

4. All publicity will include recognition of the WESTERN OHIO EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (WOEA).

5. The Project planning and preparation should INCLUDE as many persons as possible.

6. No Project Committee member(s) should reap personal aggrandizement as a result of this project.

7. The results of the project should reach as many persons as possible.

8. Funds not used for the project will be returned to WOEA.

PROJECT EXAMPLES: "Back to School," National Teacher Day's teacher recognition, Classroom volunteers' recognition, parade float, festival booth, media advertising, speaker's bureau.

Please contact WOEA to assist in preparing these projects, if help is needed. Should a local association need funding prior to the event/project, please contact the committee. 

Financial Report
Public Relation Grant Application

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