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Applications for a WOEA OEA Summer Academy Scholarship can be accessed online here.

Save the Date

WOEA is pleased to announce the candidacy of Sophia M. Rodriguez for OEA Vice President. The election will be held during the OEA Spring Representative Assembly in May, 2019.

Sophia has served on the OEA Board of Directors for many years as WOEA Unit 1 Representative and most recently as NEA Director #2. She also has served several terms as president of the Coldwater T.O. Sophia is active in the OEA and NEA Hispanic Caucus.

WOEA ESP at-Large, Mary Hargreaves, talks to OEA about advocating for student safety.

WOEA will participate in NEA's Read Across America program in March. Eighteen volunteers will read to 44 classrooms in Beavercreek, Northmont, and Trotwood Madison. Primary students will hear Interrupted by David, while 2-3 graders will listed to A Bike Like Sergio's and 5th graders will hear Portraits of African American Heroes.

NEA Representative Assembly
​July 3 - 7, 2019

Several WOEA Board of Director positions will be on the ballot at the WOEA Spring Representative Assembly on April 10 - two officer positions, President and Vice Present for two year term beginning September 1, 2019 and ending August 31, 2021; WOEA Areas 6 and 7, WOEA Units 2 and 3 for three-year terms beginning September 1, 2019 and ending August 31, 2022. The letter of intent can be downloaded and mailed to the WOEA office before the March 1, 2019 deadline. Click on the form to download.

Applications for a WOEA NEA RA Scholarship can be accessed online here.

Applications for a WOEA Public Relation Grant are due by March 1. Download application here.


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