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Dear Educators,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am thrilled to welcome another school year with opportunities to engage, educate, and empower our members.

Much like the goal of the work that you perform each day, enables students to achieve their dreams and to maximize their educational experience, WOEA's goal is to provide our members the tools and resources to maximize the professional experience. 

We know that with the Janus decision, there are many questions about the future of our beloved union and our ability to stabilize membership. I believe that we will simply do as we have always done; recalibrate and determine our best course of action to meet the needs of our members.

Finally,  I hope that your school year is off to an incredibly rewarding start and look forward to your attendance to our October Educator Appreciation Banquet and the November Member Fall Forum.

WOEA is pleased to announce the candidacy of Sophia M. Rodriguez for OEA Vice President. The election will be held during the OEA Spring Representative Assembly in May, 2019.

Sophia has served on the OEA Board of Directors for many years as WOEA Unit 1 Representative and most recently as NEA Director #2. She also has served several terms president of the Coldwater T.O. Sophia is active in the OEA and NEA Hispanic Caucus.

Election forms were mailed last week to the presidents of the WOEA local associations as of the end of August. If you received the mailing and are no longer the president, please pass the information along to the new president.  The forms can also be accessed online by clicking on the screen shots shown. 

Elections are to be completed by October 10, 2018 and reported to WOEA by October 15, 2018.

Ella Jordan Isaac