The Voice of Public Education in Western Ohio

​​We, WOEA Executive Board Members, stand in solidarity with our over 10,000 members, health care workers, essential personnel, community and community leaders across the western region of the state of Ohio, Ohio, the nation and the world.  We have a responsibility to support our students and educators in this unprecedented time that we have faced so far in 2020 as well as what lies ahead. The challenges are numerous and on every forefront from health to social and racial justice. 

Our world has changed dramatically, we are coping with the ravishes of COVID-19, the devastation of racism brought to light with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks, as well as the process of re-opening of schools and educational institutions. We represent and advocate for many Ohio educators who are in the highest-risk group for severe complications from COVID-19. These educators should not have to choose between their livelihood and their health.  We believe science should drive decision-making on safely reopening schools and that educators must have a voice in the decisions being made.

We want to make it explicitly clear that we are against racism and inequality in any form. We are so incredibly proud of our members who in the recent weeks and months have peacefully protested the injustices of racism. We encourage our members take inventory of their feelings and encourage them to continue to amazing work that they do with diverse students, staff and parents. We will continue to fight racism together and bring about lasting change. To end racism, we must combat it everywhere it lives and thrives. We must confront it in ourselves, in our communities, and in our nation. No one person can do it all or do it alone, but we can all do things to help, and in doing so, work collectively to end racism. We owe it to each other to fight for an equal and just society for all.

We support voter registration, communication with local and state government officials and institutions about how they can help end racism in the communities they represent, and advocate for Affirmative Action practices in education and employment. We support the safe re-opening of school and the enforcement of policies and practices that will allow this. What's important is that we all do something. We pledge our continued support and resources to aid in the fight for equity and well-being for all.  We stand with each of you in solidarity.

From the WOEA Executive Board of Directors...

We’re excited to announce that registration for the 2021 NEA ESP National Conference is now open!

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WOEA members wishing to run for WOEA Office need to complete the accompanying Declaration of Candidacy and return it to the WOEA Office, no later than March 1, 2021. You may mail the form or you can copy and return the filled out form by email. 

The following positions will be elected at the Spring WOEA Representative Assembly:

  • WOEA President – 2 year term beginning 9/1/21 through 8/31/23
  • WOEA Vice President – 2 year term beginning 9/1/21 through 8/31/23
  • WOEA Area 2 – 3 year term beginning 9/1/21 through 8/31/24
  • WOEA Area 4 – 3 year beginning 9/1/21 through 8/31/24
  • WOEA at-Large – 3 year term beginning 9/1/21 through 8/31/24
  • WOEA Unit 1 – 3 year term beginning 9/1/21 through 8/31/24*

Click here to view/print the WOEA Declaration of Candidacy form

*WOEA members wishing to run for a position on the OEA Board of Directors need to complete the accompanying Declaration of Candidacy and return it to the OEA Office. The deadlines vary depending upon the position. In order to run for WOEA Unit 1, you must be a member of a local from Unit 1 (Click for a list).

Click here to view/print the OEA Declaration of Candidacy form

We have scholarships available to attend NEA’s National Leadership Summit, which is scheduled for March 12-14.  More information on the Summit may be found here.  Please contact Julie Parsley at for scholarship information.