From WOEA President
   Sophia M. Rodriguez

What an interesting year it has been so far!

We have had Charter School scandals with the Ohio Department of Education fudging the evaluations of charter school related organizations by leaving out the poorest performing Charter schools, while having our education friendly Senator Sherrod Brown introduce a national charter school reform bill. As, the student achievement gap of those schools has worsened, Charter school educators are beginning to organize under the umbrella of the Ohio Education Association to be become a stronger voice to advocate for students and educators.

We have also been watching the overhaul of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which if it sees the light of day from the House, would roll back the role of the federal government in public education and allow states to have more control in the educational process. Your educational voice will need to be influential in this process and your association will need to be at its strongest.

Ohio has cut ties with the national testing group of Partnership for Assessment of Readiness and Careers or PARCC. Remember, this does not change Ohio's participation in the Common Core, but will not have as much testing time due to the change. The Ohio Department of Education will be using the American Institutes for Research (AIR) as a test provider in its place.

If you are a public educator and you work in the private sector and pay into social security or if you have a spouse who also has a pension outside of the public sector, then you have been following Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). Ohio is one of 26 states that are affected by this law.

Now, if you think the above has nothing to do with your membership to your local, state, and national association, you must not have been following your dues dollars, OEA/WOEA/NEA Facebook pages, Know your Charters,  Plunderbund, We Are Ohio, Education Votes, or any public educational media page.  All across the state, members have been making phone calls, writing letters, and talking to family and friends about the educational world around us. The National Education Association Directors from Ohio have been lobbying on the hill for our students and our educators. On the local level we have been writing letters and making phone calls to our Legislators and Senators.

So, what part of the interesting have you been this year and what part will you take as the new school year is about to begin?

WOEA Positions Available
  • WOEA has a position which just opened due to a member moving out of state. We are looking for a WOEA member to chair the Member Rights and Protection Committee. Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month during the school year beginning in September. The chair will attend WOEA board meetings as a non-voting member. The chair also will be the liaison for the OEA Member Rights and Protection Core Function Committee.
  • Representative needed for WOEA Area 4. Members from the following locals are eligible: Huber Heights E.A., Mad River E.A., Northmont Classified E.A., Northmont District E.A., Northridge T.A., and Vandalia-Butler E.A. This person will be filling an unexpired term ending August 31, 2018. Duties include attending UniServ meetings and WOEA Board of Director meetings as a voting member. For more information, contact the WOEA office at 937-339-9509.

WOEA Officers and Staff

WOEA President, Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia M. Rodriguez
Coldwater T.O.
Term: 9-1-15 - 8-31-17
WOEA Vice President, Ella Isaac
Vice President
Ella Isaac
Trotwood-Madison E.A.
Term: 9-1-15 - 8-31-17

Joyce Coney-Lacy

Mad River E.A.

Term: 9-1-14 - 8-31-16
Nola Brooks
Nola Brooks
Xenia E.S.P.

Term: 9-1-14 - 8-31-16
WOEA Past President, Valerie Roldan
Past President

Valerie Roldan
Trotwood-Madison E.A.
Kim McGinness Honeycutt
  Office Manager
  Kim Honeycutt

News for WOEA Local Presidents

  • Local Association Presidents will receive information regarding election of WOEA delegates the first week of September. According to the Constitution and By-Laws, elections must be held by October 10, 2015 and reports submitted to WOEA no later than October 15, 2015. The information will be mailed to the presidents on record as of August 31, 2015. If the information is mailed to a member who is no longer president, please let us know.
  • Local Presidents it is time to register for the 2015-2016 local presidents meetings in your local vicinity! You may attend as many meetings as you like. Download the schedule and registration information here.

    We hope you'll plan to be a part of the National Leadership Summit. Early registration begins November 16, 2015; late registration begins December 15, 2015; all registration closes January 22, 2016.


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