Affiliate Grants Program

The OEA Affiliate Grant Program was created to build strong and effective locals. The Program makes grants available to all local OEA affiliates, whether a large local or a small local. To be eligible for a grant, the affiliate must provide a statement of how its program will strengthen the Association at the local, state, and/or national level

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​Deadline to register is November 10.

As the school year gets underway, WOEA Board of Directors are excited to announce our second WOW award.  Gracie Davis is a 4th grade math teacher in Huber Heights and a proud member of HHEA, WOEA, OEA, and NEA.  Gracie has worked in the Huber Heights City school district for seven years.
Last year, Gracie noticed a need for a union rep for her building.  She stepped up and began her journey into partnering with administration, HHEA, and the staff without hesitation.  She worked endless hours and time helping her teachers and staff, while asking questions and stepping out of her comfort zone.  Being a building rep for the first time can be overwhelming, but Gracie never backed down from a discussion or a challenge.  She worked with her new principal through the contract as well as learning the ins and outs herself as a building rep.  We are so proud of her exciting energy, dedication, and leadership with HHEA.  
Prior to working in Huber Heights she worked as a teacher for Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center and as a paraprofessional for Monroe Local Schools. Gracie lives in Piqua with her husband (Josh) and two children (Lee and Jennifer). You will find Gracie in her spare time gardening and camping with her family.
Gracie continues to be a building rep this year and her presence in her building grows stronger and stronger everyday.  We are so thankful of her distinct leadership and encourage her to continue fighting for her union and contract.  Your work, time, and long hours do not go unnoticed.  Congratulations Gracie!

Joyce Coney-Lacy
WOEA President 

The Voice of Public Education in Western Ohio