NEA Representative Assembly

WOEA's NEA delegates attended the NEA RA last week in Denver. They took action on 38 proposed amendments to the NEA Constitution and By-laws, Legislative, and Policy Statement. There were 110 New Business Items of which 56 were adopted. Delegates elected an all-minority, all-female officer team to lead the nation's largest union. Lily Eskelsen Garcia - NEA President, Rebecca Pringle - NEA Vice-President, and Princess Moss - NEA Secretary-Treasurer. WOEA delegates were treated to dinner on the WOEA/SWOEA Night Out at the Appaloosa Grill.

WOEA Delegates at the NEA RA in Denver, 2014


What's it like to be an educator in a so-called Right to Work state?

Dawn Wojcik
WOEA Past President, Dawn Wojcik, offers insight about why these laws are harmful and what to expect if they are enacted in Ohio. Read more.