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Election Results Report

Dear Educators,

The Ohio Department of Education's State Report Card Results have been released and we celebrate those high performing districts and recalibrate to rally around and support others. In either instance the truth is, the race began immediately after the release and the media will continue to make us a topic as long as there is the possibility of story line; however, we must tell our OWN story about the work that our members do to advocate for our students and their families.  
In the wake of this high stakes testing era, (which many of us in Ohio, feel was retaliation for the 1991 DeRolph vs. State of Ohio decision which declared our system of school funding as unconstitutional, and yet 20 years later the issue hasn't been resolved) Senate Bill 5, Janus and the rest, there will always be another battle.

WOEA is pleased to announce the candidacy of Sophia M. Rodriguez for OEA Vice President. The election will be held during the OEA Spring Representative Assembly in May, 2019.

Sophia has served on the OEA Board of Directors for many years as WOEA Unit 1 Representative and most recently as NEA Director #2. She also has served several terms president of the Coldwater T.O. Sophia is active in the OEA and NEA Hispanic Caucus.

Election forms were mailed last week to the presidents of the WOEA local associations as of the end of August. If you received the mailing and are no longer the president, please pass the information along to the new president.  The forms can also be accessed online by clicking on the screen shots shown. 

Elections are to be completed by October 10, 2018 and reported to WOEA by October 15, 2018.

Ella Jordan Isaac


Education and Engagement are the ways in which we remain activated to proactively address the urgency of the day. As the first line of defense against attacks that threaten the learning conditions of our students and working conditions of our members, WOEA resolves to continue to "lead the way for children and public education. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we invite you to attend our 3 major fall Member Engagement Events:

                          October 24~ Educator Appreciation Banquet at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery to celebrate, connect, and collaborate. 

                          October 25~ Legislative Reception at Franco's in Dayton to advocate for public education.

                          November 14~ Fall Member Forum at Wayne HS in Huber Heights to attend sessions that educate, engage, and empower.

I urge you to dig deeper to find your personal connection to the work of the association by taking an active role in these events. 

Remain visible, vocal and vigilant!