Non-voting members who attend the board meetings include appointed positions such as WOEA committee chairs, OEA committee representatives, and the WOEA-R chair.

Ella Jordan Isaac

WOEA President
term ends 8-31-19

Kim Honeycutt
​WOEA Office Manager

The WOEA Board of Directors voting members represent elected members of the Local Associations who serve on the WOEA and OEA Board of Directors.  

Nola Brooks

WOEA Treasurer
term ends 8-31-18

Joyce Coney-Lacy 

WOEA Vice President
​term ends 8-31-19

WOEA Area 1
WOEA Area 2
WOEA Area 3
WOEA Area 4
WOEA Area 5
WOEA Area 6
WOEA Area 7
WOEA At-Large
OEA Unit 1
OEA Unit 2
OEA Unit 3

NEA 2 Director

Laura Schwein (Sidney E.A.)
Mindy Campbell (Bethel E.A.)
Donna Finley (Trotwood-Madison E.A. 
Amy Fugate (Huber Heights E.A.)
Jimmie Tipton (West Carrollton Clsfd. E.A.)
Karen Shires (Beavercreek E.A.)
Brett Collins (Dayton E.A.)
Mary Hargreaves (Educators of Montgomery County)
Ammi Haacke (Beavercreek E.A.)
Sue Bills (Coldwater T.O.)
Joyce Coney-Lacy (Mad River E.A.) 
Ella Isaac (Trotwood-Madison E.A.)
Sophia R. Rodriguez (Coldwater T.O.)
Term ends 8-31-20
Term ends 8-31-18
Term ends 8-31-20
Term ends 8-31-18
Term ends 8-31-20
Term ends 8-31-19
Term ends 8-13-19
Term ends 8-31-18
Term ends 8-31-18
Term ends 8-31-18
Term ends 8-31-19
Term ends 8-31-19
​Term Ends 8-31-20

WOEA Officers and Staff

woea directors

Sophia M. Rodriguez
WOEA Past Presiden

WOEA Area, OEA Unit, NEA, and At-Large Representatives

The Voice of Public Education in Western Ohio

Brett Collins
   WOEA Secretary
term ends 8-31-18