The Voice of Public Education in Western Ohio

Public Relations Grant to be implemented
2016 - 2017 school year

Deadline: March 1, 2017

Local Association: ________________________________________________________________

Number of members in local __________

Contact Person_________________________________________________________

Home address____________________________________________________

Phone Number: Home___________________ School_____________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________

OEA ELECTORAL UNIT (Circle One) 1    2   3

Title of Proposed Activity: __________________________________________

Date of implementation of proposed project ___________________________

Brief description of proposal, detailing how the project relates to public relations for your local and WOEA:

Proposed publicity:

How will this money be used? Please itemize or list if possible:

Amount requested from WOEA $_________________ [Maximum = $500.00]


Print the application, complete, and return with the Financial Report to the WOEA Office, 1100 Wayne St., Suite 2522, Troy, Ohio 45373
NOTE: Public Relations Grants are $500.